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Posted on 10/10/2017

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Hi,I am Markesic from Bjelovar,Croatia,39 yrs-Last past years I do various jobs(repairing electrical devices, elect.installation,cars mehanic,household artificer,car-van transportation,buildings, etc.).Most of my life I was and I’m single,a man with a high moral standard also a hard-working man to.Until 5 years ago I used to be a seaman (electrician on the ferry/ passenger ships at nord-sea) for a 12 yrs period. From 96' I was work as a sailor at that time for the next 10 years I don't have time and will for some fake ridiculous chats I really looking for one nice women and want to meet her in real life too, even if she is on the other side of earth. I’m not muscular,sexy,beautiful(so called metrosexual) and not rich at all (have a old rusty cars) —I’m only ordinary simple hard working guy, looking also regular girl, I don’t prefer conceited girls with body as a supermodel (in this modern sick time, everybody wants to be cool and wish to be as actress from Hollywood-ha,ha….) few extra pounds are totally O.K., also doesn’t need to be rich at all, but she must be family oriented, women with good morals and traditional values,like to have a children and to be totally honest, open minded and faithful to her future husband- that’s all hi,hi….did I ask to much? In these low moral sick times, maybe yes!
Most of my life I was and I’m single-a man with a high moral standard also a hard-working man to.Wish to have my own family and a long-term relationship with faithful and family oriented women.Last few months occasionally I am little bit searching for this kind of women over the internet, because I don’t hanging out anywhere around,even at weekend’s nights. I really doubt that I will find that kind of person over the internet but some people saying: you will never know if you don’t give a shot!
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Some nice honest and first off all true and faithful-family oriented girl/women for one man only long-term/marage;so if I meet that kind of women at foreign country I will also move out from Croatia. I'm not often on the internet so. I was logged on this dating site now more than a 1 year ago. I don’t visit this site so often- several times per month, sometimes not even once in whole month.If you was read it all what I was write about me and my past, probably right now you are laughing but I don’t care about that. I'm little bit shame for that because I say true about my past life and wrote lot of my life honestly but still that don’t help me at all to find right women for me here, or I still just don’t have lucky at all ? Sorry on my poor English I know that I'm not good writer at all. I don’t living in Oslo, I was make under my profile living town Oslo because I am planning to move out again from Croatia. I don’t have nothing to holding me here in Croatia anymore as I was 3 years ago breaking up my 7 years relationship and I am unemployed so I’m planning to move out somewhere on north Europe so I try to find over the dating site some nice women there and then try to find a job as a electrician on the shore or even on some local ferry/passenger ships as I have a 12 years of experience as a electrician on the ferry boat at the nord-sea crossing between Belgium-England ports of Oostend-Ramsgate.Over myname Youcan findmeOnfb.
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