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United States
North Carolina
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I'm about 5.8ft tall with a dark brown hair.i am a very lonely,compassionate and a good listener and easy going fellow person right from my childhood birth also an intelligent young lady with a good sense of humor i am a lady that is down in the earth with all it takes to be responsible and like every good and care free i like to go hang around with friends for lunch and enjoy the cinema view..i sometimes cherish a country walk to ease away my free time. i like feeling next to mother nature, when i want to have me time.i like cycling,swimming,listening to music,watch movies at home,camping,skating,playing outdoor sport, i play basketball very well, i like base-base,volleyball.I love to laugh and have fun. I am not a flirt and never meet a stranger but once I am committed I am very loyal.
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I'd like to know if you are an open minded person, honest and easy going. A sense of humor is a big plus. I hope we'd have some shared interests and goals, as well as come similarities in opinion about what's important in life .I would love to find out if you are a true loving man that I could have a very deep relationship with and
be able to just feel the Light when we are together. I'm hoping you would be a like minded partner to share life with. I like to be physically active as much I can, as a great balance to the cerebral side of life! I am very respectful and ambitious too. I always look forward to even further improvement whether is in a relationship or
betterment in life general.Love within your heart and show it with your emotions to the one that you will truly love and I hope you will get the honor of meeting that person live and not on the Internet maybe just someone will come into my life and love me as I deserved.Music,art and a walk on the beach holding hands with my soul-mate.
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Home Body, Somewhat shy
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Soaps, soaps, soaps, Movies, Dramas
Dutch, German, English
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