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Every German woman has different concepts about what she looks for in a man on dating, relationship and marriage. This is a broad question. This article will briefly list some general things that single German women love Italian men that much.

German women don't look for a man who has rich materials, drive a BMW, own a big house, and so on. They are looking for an honest guy who treats women with respects. Especially, they are looking for the respect and love from a man. It depends on the girl. Every German lady is different from what she looks into a man. Most of them like a man who has confidence, know how to take care of himself. They like strong guy in bed, certainly. They don't like overweight or dirty men.

When you are on dating with a German woman, do not talk about politics like World War 2, Hitler, and so on. She wants to talk about you and her, the future, entertainment, etc. 

Italian men are attractive to most German women by the way these guys treat the woman. Some German American women don't like to date with native American men because they find these guys shallow, superficial, no cultures, no values. They admitted American men are physically attractive but that's the outside, not enough to lead to a  long term relationship or marriage.

Italian men are perfect for German ladies because they share the European culture and norms. Italian guys have dark hair and eyes, olive skin that attract German women a lot. Even though most Italian men seem to be shorter than German men, they make that size by their manly attitude. In other words, Italian guys are very macho and very sexual as well as affectionate. 

However, on this modern era, we are all American influenced. Italian men still keep their European-like culture. When looking at these guys, most German ladies fall in love with them. Let's face the truth. German women have their first choice on German men and their second choice on Italian men. Even though many German ladies in the United States of America still select Italian men, but not Americans.

Some people said the reason German women love Italian men is because of bigger and fuller penis than German men so these ladies are fully satisfied in sex. Italian men are short, about 1,75cm in height but their penis size is like 20 cm in length. And, they are strongly in bed.

Generally speaking, by searching on German dating site Germanydatingnet.com, there are many German ladies seeking Italian guys online.

What do you think about why single German women love Italian men that much? Is there another reasons?



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