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There are thousands or even millions of single German women seeking men through online dating sites. They are looking for a date, relationship and marriage on the Internet. Single women in Germany are not only looking for local men but open for Black, Hispanic and even Asian guys. The main reason is the scarcity of German men relative to women which leads to this issue. In other words, women outnumber men in this country since World War Two.

German women

German women (Photo: stormfront.org)

Generally speaking, after WW2, every two men have three women for under 40 age group. Nowadays, the shortage of men in Germany decreases but still, there are maybe four men for every five women between this age group. As a result, it is hard to find a man for dating and marriage. That's why many German single ladies have to use online dating services to find foreign men, especially men who live in the United States, UK, Canada, Australia and else.

German women looking for single men online has become a phenomenon in the last few years. They are open to most races, especially who live overseas. They are looking for African American men, Canadian men, Australian men and other nationality as well. I have to conclude that men in Germany are easy to find a local woman while women aren't because of the shortage of men. To get a date single German girls have to go online to find one. Woh, it is hard, isn't it?

Another reason that single German women seeking men online is the convenience at these internet dating websites. In the last few years the trend in dating from internet has changed drastically that all German singles can use to find a date. They don't have to dress up and drive to a club to find a date. They don't have to queue up in line to wait for someone. They use open their computer and search for a date. The traditional mating ritual is outdated and retired. Single ladies in Germany have many advantages with using online dating to search for single men.

Single German ladies don't have to leave their house. They can find the exact type of man they are looking for in terms of personal background like age, location, height, weight, education, career and so on. Online dating is the community where single people go and sign up their personal profiles to find that special someone. They just need to file a personal ad that describe who they are to the world. There are paid and free dating sites. So, they can select what type they can use.

Every year, there are millions of happy couples and relationships created from the internet dating sites. Online dating really works because it is easy, simple and convenient to most single people. What single German ladies like to find is true love and relationship online. 

Nowadays, you seldom see single German women who gather in pubs or bars. This traditional way of dating is retired. The modern way is to join social sites like Facebook or German dating sites like Germanydatingnet.com or others to find friends, pen pals, romance, relationship and marriage.

So, the reason that single German women seeking men online for dating and marriage is because the shortage of men in this country and the convenience that online dating sites bring to them.



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